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The Blond Leading the Blind

Setting: The practice putting green at a local golf course Dramatis Personae: Three golfers- a brunette, a prematurely gray-haired woman and yours truly, the blonde. Our first stop was the driving range where it was utterly deflating to have a golf pro comment that out of … Continue reading

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Welcome to College. Warning: What You Are About To Learn May be Disturbing

Grow up, or as some would say, “Man up.” The latest inane trend involves some colleges proposing to put warning labels on works of great literature. In case you haven’t guessed, I find that offensive. I am in complete disagreement with the notion of censoring … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Birdie!

This is a tale of my almost birdie, the birdie that flew away. It was Sunday on the golf course with Ken. Hole # 4,  119 yards. With my new driver, I get on the green in one! But this is … Continue reading

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Lefties I Have Loved

I realize my title is reminiscent of Rupert Brooke’s war poem, “The Great Lover,” which begins, “These I have loved…” He goes  on to enumerate the luxuries of the civilian life he left behind to fight The Great War. Until I saw an Associated Press … Continue reading

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Miniature Glass Figures Fit Perfectly Into the Booth

Attention, anyone who ever took high school English: As a teacher I attempted to bring “The Glass Menagerie” to life in my classroom, but make no mistake about it – seeing it performed on Broadway gives it the helium it … Continue reading

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Season of the Bird

Nothing earth-shattering, yet a nice parallel.  On Thanksgiving Day, my sister Emily brought over a needlepoint of a bird perched on a rosebush. It’s in a gorgeous antique wood frame that once hung in our house in Kew Gardens. Once my … Continue reading

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Kenny’s Guest Post on JFK’s Assassination

As the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination approaches, many of us will be moved to remember, “Where was I when it happened?” My story is perhaps one of the more unusual ones.  November 22, 1963 was on a … Continue reading

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C’est Un Artiste!

So, what did I learn in school today? I never realized that the great Surrealist Rene Magritte ( 1898-1967) was Belgian and not French. He was born in Brussels and later moved to Paris for three years to be closer to the … Continue reading

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Tour de Hudson 2013

Sunday, September 23 was a picture perfect day for the 3rd annual Tour de Hudson bike ride. Organized by our old New Paltz buddy Rick, ten riders left from his house just outside of New Paltz and rode about a mile to … Continue reading

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Carol: From Brooklyn to Bayville

            For as many years as I’ve been going to my local Rite Aid, there has been a friendly and helpful clerk with the name tag “Carol” affixed to her blouse. Carol was the expert in the photo department who used to … Continue reading

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