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Take Off Your Crown and Spit Out Your Gum

Covering a great English program today. Honors, A.P. English and Creative Writing. What could be bad – and how can one teacher be so lucky to have this program? (And with a program like this, why is she absent?) Meeting … Continue reading

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Relax, It’s Only Tennis

At my Friday doubles game, Marie, my partner extraordinaire, was playing very well. I was just okay. We were neck and neck with our opponents, but every time I made a stupid error I became more aggravated with myself. Marie knows me … Continue reading

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The Difference Between a Teacher and a Sub

Setting: The hallway on the second  floor of the local high school in which I have been substitute teaching. This period I am assigned to hall patrol in a school where the halls are dead for the most part.  There’s really nothing … Continue reading

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Marji, Allan Ginsberg and Me

Marji & Me @ the Museum Back in college, Marji’s dorm room was decorated with the sensuous posters of Maxfield Parrish. How do I remember that? Posters were important statements of who we were in those days. I had a … Continue reading

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A Can o’ Worms

Oh my! That last blog opened up a can ‘o worms. All the funny stuff that happened while I was a teacher is rushing back. Stuff that was not included in my book like that overweight teacher who wore a … Continue reading

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Pimples, Pimples Everywhere

Now that golf season is just about over (who can complain when it extended well into December – in New York!), it’s time to go indoors for a little something different. So I interviewed at a local high school to work as … Continue reading

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New Year’s Car Story

I rarely carry any cash to speak of – maybe a twenty dollar bill, which, once it’s broken, it’s gone in a flash. The rest is all paid for in plastic. But today I happened to have five singles and a … Continue reading

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“I don’t trust people who don’t write things down.” What a great line and it is attributed to Jake Burton Carpenter, the founder of Burton Snowboards. And write he did – in what amounted to an unorganized diary of random notes, tracking his … Continue reading

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The Blond Leading the Blind

Setting: The practice putting green at a local golf course Dramatis Personae: Three golfers- a brunette, a prematurely gray-haired woman and yours truly, the blonde. Our first stop was the driving range where it was utterly deflating to have a golf pro comment that out of … Continue reading

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Welcome to College. Warning: What You Are About To Learn May be Disturbing

Grow up, or as some would say, “Man up.” The latest inane trend involves some colleges proposing to put warning labels on works of great literature. In case you haven’t guessed, I find that offensive. I am in complete disagreement with the notion of censoring … Continue reading

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