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Relax, It’s Only Tennis

At my Friday doubles game, Marie, my partner extraordinaire, was playing very well. I was just okay. We were neck and neck with our opponents, but every time I made a stupid error I became more aggravated with myself. Marie knows me … Continue reading

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Lefties I Have Loved

I realize my title is reminiscent of Rupert Brooke’s war poem, “The Great Lover,” which begins, “These I have loved…” He goes  on to enumerate the luxuries of the civilian life he left behind to fight The Great War. Until I saw an Associated Press … Continue reading

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A Soggy Saga at the US Open

What better way to spend Labor Day than to be at the US Open watching a few matches in the round of 16 ? With threatening skies and scattered drizzles we ventured out anyway, hoping to catch at least one or two good matches. Upon arrival, … Continue reading

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What do George W. Bush and I have in common? Not much except that we both had surgery on the same day, mine however, was of the elective kind. My distance vision has been failing for a while now, so cataract … Continue reading

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Lob ‘n’ Slice Revisited

I was tested this morning with the return of Miss Lob’n’ Slice. She had twice injured her calf muscle in the past six weeks or so, but she’s back in full force – albeit taped up the wazoo. As I wrote … Continue reading

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Lob ‘n’ Slice

I played singles this morning against a delightful, new-to-our-league young woman. I held my own in a long first set, which I won 6-3, followed by a shorter, uncompleted second set with my opponent up a game. (We were running over the allotted … Continue reading

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Tie-breaking Up is Hard To Do

I’ve been writing all week about tennis tie-breaks, but late last night and into the wee hours of this morning, ESPN2 broadcast another legendary tie-break. It decided the second set of three with Kim Clijsters digging herself out of an exit from … Continue reading

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The Week of the Tie-breakers*

As the pros are battling it out in Australia this week, my league play has been pretty exciting in its own right with back-to-back tie-breaks* (I actually think the correct term is “tie-break.”) After yesterday’s cliffhanger (the match never concluded), today my doubles … Continue reading

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Mahut & Isner Have Nothing On Us

I really know how to flatter myself if I even mention these two guys, but perhaps their legendary Wimbledon match can serve as a template for what went on in my doubles match this morning. We didn’t get to play 138 … Continue reading

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Golf, Puerto Rican Style

Did I need to go to Winged Foot, Bethpage, St. Andrews, Pebble Beach or Shinnecock to play golf? As if I would’ve been invited  (not in this lifetime anyway.) No way, Jose! Instead, we flew down to P.R. with Diane and Glenn and … Continue reading

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