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Kenny’s Guest Post on JFK’s Assassination

As the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination approaches, many of us will be moved to remember, “Where was I when it happened?” My story is perhaps one of the more unusual ones.  November 22, 1963 was on a … Continue reading

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Everybody’s Talking About a Silent Film

 Audiences are anything but silent about “The Artist,” Michel Hazanavicius’ nostalgic silent movie that can make anyone fall in love with the glamorous, bygone Hollywoodland. The swashbuckling matinee idol played by French actor Jean Dujardin, eats up the silver screen, together with his … Continue reading

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Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Take Me In

The title is from the refrain in “I And Love And You” by the Avett Brothers. Driving down Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn today, my childhood came rushing back to me. As a kid, we made frequent trips to Brooklyn from … Continue reading

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47 Years Ago Today

I know that 50 years ago today I was wearing my JFK campaign button with our newly inaugurated 43rd president’s picture on it amid the red, white and blue. How could I forget his inauguration – and I haven’t. But do you know … Continue reading

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My Brother’s Sister of Mercy

  With the imminent closing of St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Greenwich Village, I would like to recognize this hospital’s 160 year history with a tribute to one of its outstanding nurses who made an indelible mark on my family and on the lives of many other … Continue reading

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Jerry’s Letters

If you know The Catcher in the Rye like I know The Catcher in the Rye, poring over a few of Jerome David Salinger’s letters was a trip down memory lane. After several attempts, I finally got to the Salinger … Continue reading

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Aren’t WE the April Fools!

J.D. Salinger may have been reclusive, but so far his letters at the Pierpont Morgan Library have been elusive. How’s this for alliteration: Big bummer- benefactors’ board meeting. Ever feel that some things are just not meant to be? My … Continue reading

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Back to the Blog

Away on vacation for a week and equipped with neither a BlackBerry nor any other electronic iPhonish device, I took a hiatus from my beloved blogging.  Eight dear, forever friends embarked on a 7-day cruise out of the Port of  New … Continue reading

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Farewell to Maxwell?

     I was truly saddened to learn that the city plans to close Brooklyn’s Maxwell High School in September. I taught English there from 1973-81 when it was Maxwell Vocational High School, an all-girls’ school. In an impoverished neighborhood, it … Continue reading

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