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Marji, Allan Ginsberg and Me

Marji & Me @ the Museum Back in college, Marji’s dorm room was decorated with the sensuous posters of Maxfield Parrish. How do I remember that? Posters were important statements of who we were in those days. I had a … Continue reading

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The Blond Leading the Blind

Setting: The practice putting green at a local golf course Dramatis Personae: Three golfers- a brunette, a prematurely gray-haired woman and yours truly, the blonde. Our first stop was the driving range where it was utterly deflating to have a golf pro comment that out of … Continue reading

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A Night at No Opera

I was all set to broaden my horizons last evening by seeing an HD production of Verdi’s “La Traviata” at a local art house. I even told some friends that “this culture vulture is seeing an opera tonight.” My neighbor … Continue reading

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Marathon at the Met

No, this marathon is not a running event. I wouldn’t recommend an indoor marathon anyway, but my best museum buddy Sande and I certainly give the museums a run for their money. On Friday we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art for an invitation-only preview of an ambitious show … Continue reading

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Mahut & Isner Have Nothing On Us

I really know how to flatter myself if I even mention these two guys, but perhaps their legendary Wimbledon match can serve as a template for what went on in my doubles match this morning. We didn’t get to play 138 … Continue reading

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Thank You For Being A Friend…

In this season of giving thanks, I am so grateful to be blessed with my various groups of friends. I have my oldest and dearest (you know who you are), my three “new” yet not so new walkin’ and talkin’ friends, an ever-expanding set of … Continue reading

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Books and Friendships

In reading about writers who pay tribute to the books they’ve read that formed them, I can’t help but think about Between the Covers – The Book Babes’ Guide to a Woman’s Reading Pleasures that I exchanged with a friend three … Continue reading

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My Brother’s Sister of Mercy

  With the imminent closing of St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Greenwich Village, I would like to recognize this hospital’s 160 year history with a tribute to one of its outstanding nurses who made an indelible mark on my family and on the lives of many other … Continue reading

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Back to the Blog

Away on vacation for a week and equipped with neither a BlackBerry nor any other electronic iPhonish device, I took a hiatus from my beloved blogging.  Eight dear, forever friends embarked on a 7-day cruise out of the Port of  New … Continue reading

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