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Cranes and Carpenters @ Jones

Despite the reconstruction that is underway, Jones Beach is still in trouble. Only the westernmost end  of the boardwalk was open today, though I was told the entire length would be open this weekend in time  for Memorial Day and … Continue reading

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The Sick Irony of Legs

Headlines scream so loud that you can see the blood: “So many people without legs!” Legs – the two body parts you need to run a race. I’ve muttered to myself during marathons, “Legs, don’t fail me now,” and to … Continue reading

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Blue Ribbons

I ran the Blue Ribbon 5K Run for Prostate Cancer this morning. We all know what pink ribbons signify, but I didn’t know the blue ribbon is a powerful icon against a potentially deadly disease in men. I learned something. … Continue reading

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Marathon at the Met

No, this marathon is not a running event. I wouldn’t recommend an indoor marathon anyway, but my best museum buddy Sande and I certainly give the museums a run for their money. On Friday we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art for an invitation-only preview of an ambitious show … Continue reading

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Dedicated to Cliff

Aside from falling in love with Annie Lennox’s rendition of  “A Whiter Shade of Pale” (compliments  of my iPod), I found myself thinking of my brother Cliff today as I was running down Route 106. Cliff has been gone for … Continue reading

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I Run; Therefore, I Am

I always forget how great it feels to be running out on the roads. With tennis, golf or biking occupying most weekday mornings,  running has been relegated to weekends. But it is only with running that I can gather my thoughts. Memories … Continue reading

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6.2 in 62

Sixty-two is the magic number in more ways than I care to explain. I ran a 10k race this morning, the first in a long while. I finished in 62 minutes, which is slow for me, but I haven’t been … Continue reading

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Running Into the 10th Anniversary

I ran down to the sparkling bay this morning (Oyster Bay) just as throngs of firefighters and somber-faced families were assembling for our local 9/11 memorial ceremony. There already exists an offiicial memorial along the waterfront, but today also marks … Continue reading

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The Late Great Greta

As I slip on my running shoes this morning, I can only think of the inspirational Greta Waitz, the 9-time winner of the NYC Marathon,  who succumbed to cancer at age 57. I saw her a few times in New … Continue reading

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I Had A Dream

by Melinda Ehrlich on Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 8:03pm Published in the February 2011 Long Island Footnotes, the magazine of the Greater Long Island Running Club – I was at a large park before a race. It could’ve … Continue reading

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