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The Difference Between a Teacher and a Sub

Setting: The hallway on the second  floor of the local high school in which I have been substitute teaching. This period I am assigned to hall patrol in a school where the halls are dead for the most part.  There’s really nothing … Continue reading

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The Blond Leading the Blind

Setting: The practice putting green at a local golf course Dramatis Personae: Three golfers- a brunette, a prematurely gray-haired woman and yours truly, the blonde. Our first stop was the driving range where it was utterly deflating to have a golf pro comment that out of … Continue reading

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Lefties I Have Loved

I realize my title is reminiscent of Rupert Brooke’s war poem, “The Great Lover,” which begins, “These I have loved…” He goes  on to enumerate the luxuries of the civilian life he left behind to fight The Great War. Until I saw an Associated Press … Continue reading

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Love the Sport You’re With

Who ever thought I’d be reading a “golf” book? Aside from obvious titles like “Zen Golf” or “The Rules of Golf,” I’m discovering the cottage industry of books that have been written on the subject. I’ve seen whole sections of bookstores (those … Continue reading

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Golfing at Camp Granada

Golf- Season Four: My scores surely do not reflect it, but I’m feeling improvement. I at least figured out why I prefer to walk a 9-hole course. First of all, because I can. But then again, most people can and I … Continue reading

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If Only…

I am pleased to report major breakthroughs in my golf game. Thought I’d never be able to say this, but look out, Annika Sorenstam! (For those who don’t know of her, Annika is a golf legend!) On the very first … Continue reading

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My Left Foot

Whether it’s a result of my reading Zen Golf (ha!) is unknown, but I finally had a breakthrough at the driving range yesterday. Kenny gave me a pointer or two and reminded me not to pick up my left foot as I swing. … Continue reading

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Golfing With Ellen – An Easter Outing

Duct tape is NOT the answer (see blog from November 13, 2010) – rosary beads are. Ellen has a set of purple and white golf scoring beads attached to her bag, which is great for keeping track of the number of … Continue reading

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Golf – Season Two

With the promise of spring, yes, we’ve come back for more. Kenny and I hit the driving range this afternoon and upon arrival, we found every slot occupied with men- all men- swinging madly away. (I’m telling you, ladies, the driving range is a great place … Continue reading

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Golf, Puerto Rican Style

Did I need to go to Winged Foot, Bethpage, St. Andrews, Pebble Beach or Shinnecock to play golf? As if I would’ve been invited  (not in this lifetime anyway.) No way, Jose! Instead, we flew down to P.R. with Diane and Glenn and … Continue reading

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