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Lefties I Have Loved

I realize my title is reminiscent of Rupert Brooke’s war poem, “The Great Lover,” which begins, “These I have loved…” He goes  on to enumerate the luxuries of the civilian life he left behind to fight The Great War. Until I saw an Associated Press … Continue reading

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Season of the Bird

Nothing earth-shattering, yet a nice parallel.  On Thanksgiving Day, my sister Emily brought over a needlepoint of a bird perched on a rosebush. It’s in a gorgeous antique wood frame that once hung in our house in Kew Gardens. Once my … Continue reading

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What do George W. Bush and I have in common? Not much except that we both had surgery on the same day, mine however, was of the elective kind. My distance vision has been failing for a while now, so cataract … Continue reading

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Eet, Prey, Luv

A funny thing happened on my way to the insurance agency. The office happens to be located across the street from a church. I found a parking spot just outside the church parking lot and was headed into the office when … Continue reading

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Could the Kindle Be the Death of the Bookmark?

I got my Kindle on Thursday and just gave away my first hard covered book to my brother-in-law, Andy. The book is Catherine the Great  by Robert Massie. I’m reading it on Kindle now. But first I removed the beautiful bookmark … Continue reading

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Strike While the e-book is Hot

Kindle is on fire! Why I am personally touting the e-book doesn’t quite make sense since I am not yet the proud owner of one.  But there is method to my madness. According to the New York Times, Amazon Kindle is cornering … Continue reading

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Yard Sale Denizens

We staged a dual household yard sale at our home this weekend. Not one to frequent these events, I was duly shocked at some of the “shoppers” on the garage sale circuit. The advertisement in Newsday brought ‘em on – … Continue reading

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A Good Car-ma Day

The fleet is in, the Blue Angels are in the skies over Long Island and the Memorial Day weekend is underway, officially piloting in the summer season. The Air Show, scheduled for this weekend at Jones Beach has been receiving more … Continue reading

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A “Gorgeous” Day

My day was made on the L.I.E. yesterday morning on the way into the city. Driving with my moonroof open, minding my own business, an enormous tractor-trailer pulls up next to me and the driver yells out his window, “Hi gorgeous!” … Continue reading

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Aren’t WE the April Fools!

J.D. Salinger may have been reclusive, but so far his letters at the Pierpont Morgan Library have been elusive. How’s this for alliteration: Big bummer- benefactors’ board meeting. Ever feel that some things are just not meant to be? My … Continue reading

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