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Another Snow Day

Boy, what I (and my cohort of retired colleagues) would have given for a few of these back in the day when we were still teaching in NYC. Mayor Boob-berg did the right thing today despite his earlier comments about the … Continue reading

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“Bonuses” at the Board (aka the DOE)

I’ve never blogged about the “rubber rooms,” but I feel compelled to comment on today’s front page article in the Times which reports that progress is slow in Bloomberg’s goal to rid school’s of bad teachers. I’m not a Bloomberg/Klein fan … Continue reading

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Racing Up the Wrong Tree

With so many children having been left behind, why not start a new race? As absurd as that sounds, that is precisely what the Race to the Top is;  in fact, it smells like a rose by any other name. Forty states are competing for $4 … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Great Outdoors

With the receding snows and the rising temperatures, I finally said “Drat that dreadmill!” and ventured out to run the roads once again. I headed over to Route 106 for my regukar 6 miler ( 3 miles out and back.) … Continue reading

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Bargain Tennis

 Sometimes it pays to be old. Of course there’s old and there’s “old.” At my retirement party in 2005,  someone’s speech said, “55 is the new 40.” I’ll take it. But to be able to claim senior status pays off at a tennis … Continue reading

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Education on the De-Klein

A couple of days ago I received one of those e-mail alerts from the UFT, this time a letter from President Michael Mulgrew. Just when we thought NYC school mismanagement had already hit bottom,  Mulgrew announced that schools’ Chancellor Klein will be basing … Continue reading

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Will the e-Book be the death of publishing as we know it?

This was in response to a blog posted on Feb.9, 2010 in the Huffington Post by Michael Ashley, Founder & Chief Technology Officer at FastPencil.Inc. (an e-book publishing company) He wrote on the iPad – Evolution or Revolution? I am deeply … Continue reading

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“There’s a lot to be learned…so look around.”

So now I’ve joined Facebook. I was a holdout for a couple  of years, believing (possibly erroneously, but I’m still not sure) that I am already surrounded by and in contact with all the friends anyone could possibly want. That … Continue reading

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The Guggenheim Stripped Bare

My friend Sande and I had all intentions of visiting the Neue Galerie at 86th and Fifth, but on the way, we briefly discussed the “happening” currently at the Guggenheim – only three blocks away. Tino Sehgal’s non-installation sounded too interesting … Continue reading

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The Catcher in the Rye – Not Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

 I figured this would happen, but not while J.D. Salinger’s body is still warm. I just signed up for The Huffington Post and read “The Borowitz Report” entitled “Hollywood Eager to Finally F*ck Up The Catcher in the Rye.” I … Continue reading

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