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Tribeca No Longer a Tri-al

I’ve been attending the Tribeca Film Festival almost since its inception and this is the first year that I can say that it all went like clockwork for me. Even purchasing the tickets online was more user-friendly than it has … Continue reading

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A “Gorgeous” Day

My day was made on the L.I.E. yesterday morning on the way into the city. Driving with my moonroof open, minding my own business, an enormous tractor-trailer pulls up next to me and the driver yells out his window, “Hi gorgeous!” … Continue reading

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My Brother’s Sister of Mercy

  With the imminent closing of St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Greenwich Village, I would like to recognize this hospital’s 160 year history with a tribute to one of its outstanding nurses who made an indelible mark on my family and on the lives of many other … Continue reading

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Broadway Revival “Promises” to Make You Smile

Never a Burt Bacharach fan, I did however attend a preview of the revival “Promises, Promises”  compliments of sister Emily who did the music copying. (Emily Grishman Music Preparation along with Kathy Edmonds.) I even gave up the first night of  … Continue reading

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A Typical Richmond Hill High School Morning

I had lunch with two of my fellow retired Richmond Hill colleagues and we had some fun reminiscing about the characters we encountered while still in service – both teachers and students. Take this rainy morning in 2004. I was already teaching my first period … Continue reading

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Jerry’s Letters

If you know The Catcher in the Rye like I know The Catcher in the Rye, poring over a few of Jerome David Salinger’s letters was a trip down memory lane. After several attempts, I finally got to the Salinger … Continue reading

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Aren’t WE the April Fools!

J.D. Salinger may have been reclusive, but so far his letters at the Pierpont Morgan Library have been elusive. How’s this for alliteration: Big bummer- benefactors’ board meeting. Ever feel that some things are just not meant to be? My … Continue reading

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