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Tee Time

Up until 9 weeks ago, tea time meant a nice cup of green tea or Darjeeling broken orange pekoe, but now I’ve allowed myself to become swept up in a whole new world of tees – the long wooden types to fit … Continue reading

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driving range, 200 Up, Up Calla-way

Well, it’s about time. I hit a bucket of 40 balls and the vast majority were decent shots. I thought of all the things I learned: proper stance, straight arms and eye remaining on the ball through shot execution. With … Continue reading

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It’s Hotter Than Hot!

I hit the Jones Beach boardwalk to run at 9:03 this morning, but I should have been there 2 hours earlier to try and beat the oppressive temperatures. It took me 23 minutes to reach the 2 mile mark (slow) and for … Continue reading

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