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Gas Station Gadfly

This has been the week of the flat tires (see post about the Bike Guy on 8/18.) While waiting to have a flat tire repaired on Saturday, I sat on a chair at a bustling gas station on Northern Blvd. in … Continue reading

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What Women Need: A Bike Guy

The way things were going this morning, our 20 mile bike ride from Point Lookout could’ve turned into the bike ride from hell. Ill-fated from the start with a 15 minute rain delay, Debbie finally said, “Let’s just do it,” despite the drizzle. … Continue reading

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Yard Sale Denizens

We staged a dual household yard sale at our home this weekend. Not one to frequent these events, I was duly shocked at some of the “shoppers” on the garage sale circuit. The advertisement in Newsday brought ’em on – … Continue reading

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Jock of All Trades?

Can golf be ruining my tennis game? I’m not big on excuses, so it never even crossed my mind that golf could have that power. I’m in a strong doubles game on Tuesdays with three really lovely women, but my game … Continue reading

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Drinking After Driving

Now I understand why there are  cocktail lounges at golf clubhouses. Well, we  finally made it to the Merrick Golf Course this afternoon after hearing good things about this 9-holer from two different friends named Stu. It was a pretty … Continue reading

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Are There Any Agents in Cyberspace?

Aside from the annoying spam I receive offering me cheap Viagra and Adobe products, there have been some lovely comments about my blogs from all sorts of people. To them I say it is my pleasure to provide worthwhile posts and it’s always … Continue reading

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But the Flag Was Still There

This week, being Kenny’s vacation, we took to the golf course – our newest pastime. Arriving at Christopher Morley to play 9 holes on a hot mid-week afternoon, we had envisaged fairly empty fairways, only to discover golfers galore. I guess Kenny is … Continue reading

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