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Extremely Annoying, Incredibly Unwatchable

Jonathan Safran Foer’s novel, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, is from what I have heard, a good read. I regret that I haven’t read it, after almost walking out on Stephen Daldry’s film of the same name. There could not be a more … Continue reading

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Tie-breaking Up is Hard To Do

I’ve been writing all week about tennis tie-breaks, but late last night and into the wee hours of this morning, ESPN2 broadcast another legendary tie-break. It decided the second set of three with Kim Clijsters digging herself out of an exit from … Continue reading

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The Week of the Tie-breakers*

As the pros are battling it out in Australia this week, my league play has been pretty exciting in its own right with back-to-back tie-breaks* (I actually think the correct term is “tie-break.”) After yesterday’s cliffhanger (the match never concluded), today my doubles … Continue reading

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Teaching “Flim”

“Ms. Ehrlich, I wanna be in your FLIM class next term.” “Great, but it’s FILL-M,’ ” I said, stressing the correct pronunciation. “Whatever, as long as I can be in it.” The above was a fairly common exchange I had with … Continue reading

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Mahut & Isner Have Nothing On Us

I really know how to flatter myself if I even mention these two guys, but perhaps their legendary Wimbledon match can serve as a template for what went on in my doubles match this morning. We didn’t get to play 138 … Continue reading

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Never Mind, I Take That Back

This seems to be the mantra of the science pages of The New York Times. I’m not blaming the Times; it’s all the new research that’s so confusing. They’re just reporting the findings to us. Now a daily dose of a baby aspirin … Continue reading

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Strike While the e-book is Hot

Kindle is on fire! Why I am personally touting the e-book doesn’t quite make sense since I am not yet the proud owner of one.  But there is method to my madness. According to the New York Times, Amazon Kindle is cornering … Continue reading

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