Everybody’s Talking About a Silent Film

 Audiences are anything but silent about “The Artist,” Michel Hazanavicius’ nostalgic silent movie that can make anyone fall in love with the glamorous, bygone Hollywoodland. The swashbuckling matinee idol played by French actor Jean Dujardin, eats up the silver screen, together with his adoring (and adorable) leading lady, played by Berenice Bejo. You know it’s a good film when the audience applauds at “The End” – which appears in the stylized black and white title frame borrowed from the silent era. Dujardin’s talented, devoted dog makes for some hilarious moments, but John Goodman’s silent treatment as the studio head is priceless. I must take my mother to see this since she’s getting her new hearing aids next week. Oh, the irony of it all!

Postscript: The Hollywood Foreign Press Association awarded  it 3 Golden Globes and my mother went to see it for herself.

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2 Responses to Everybody’s Talking About a Silent Film

  1. Sande Sherr says:

    Well, your review absolutely made me want to see the film…and it also reminded me (for some reason), of the days of our film class. Even though we were told to never read reviews, I’m happy to have read yours.

  2. Melinda says:

    Thanks Sande. This movie demonstrates why film is considered to be an art.

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