Mahut & Isner Have Nothing On Us

I really know how to flatter myself if I even mention these two guys, but perhaps their legendary Wimbledon match can serve as a template for what went on in my doubles match this morning. We didn’t get to play 138 games as they did in June 2010, but we were at 11-10 in a never-ending tie-break after 90 minutes. Ours never ended because we had to get off the court at 10 a.m. Linda and I versus Fran and Sharon battled it out on Bethpage’s muddied clay, in what can be viewed as either quite the competition or frustrating as hell, depending on how we  look at it. Since none of us was knowledgeable on how to “officially” play a tie-break, we did our best, changing sides after every six points. I happen to carry a copy of the rules in my tennis bag, but no one had their reading glasses, so we improvised.  After I got home I read the rules and they’re really very simple, I mean it’s not like learning bridge or anything. Now I vow to commit them to memory. Until tomorrow…

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