Another “Diary” Bites the Dust

Once again Michael Pollak, the editor of the weekly “Metropolitan Diary” in Monday’s New York Times has rejected my submission. Again I ask: What DOES he want? I found last week’s collection of published entries to be especially abysmal (you be the judge), and I had hoped that this time, my friend Abbie’s story was enough of a  slice of NYC life to be a shoo-in. I was wrong. Since there is no New York Times copyright on it, I am sharing it with you:

Dear Diary,

 “Oh God, I lost my ticket!”

My friend was just returning to Penn Station one recent Sunday to catch her Amtrak train home when she discovered she was ticket-less. She frantically made her way to the ticket line, which was long and getting longer by the minute – and her train was scheduled to leave in five.

Waiting in line to buy a ticket for her scheduled train would be fruitless. Suddenly there appeared a railroad official in a cap and figuring she had nothing to lose, she gasped, “Sir – I lost my Amtrak ticket and my train is leaving in five minutes!” If I stand on this line, I’ll never…”

  “What’s your name?” he interrupted.

  “Abbie Schiff.”

He reached into his pocket and fished out her signed ticket to Rhinecliff. “I found this up on Seventh Avenue a few hours ago.” This knight in shining armor handed Abbie her ticket in what just became a NYC fairytale ending.

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  1. Sande Sherr says:

    I loved this story for a number of reasons. I think it could have only added to Metropolitan Diary!

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