I Aim For Runners

I just heard that a 16 year-old driver mowed down and killed a male jogger while she was texting. That is just outrageous!  I do not mean to minimize  the suffering and injustice all over the world – insurgencies, terrorism, military misbehavior  and abject poverty. My heart certainly goes out to all of those who are victimized. But this incident tugged at my heartstrings as well. I AM A RUNNER and it is because of the increase in distracted driving that I have mostly avoided my beloved routes along the roads as of late. Fearful of just this type of tragedy, I’ve taken to running on park bike paths and on high school tracks. My message to ALL drivers: If you insist on being a slave to your electronic devices, be my guest. It’s fun to message back and forth all day, as long as you DON’T DRIVE A MOTOR VEHICLE while so engaged. It will surely take some self-discipline, but we ALL must fight this temptation. And for my fellow road runners, do not for one second think we are invulnerable – it  only takes a second for a distracted driver to veer into our path. Those drivers may as well slap on a bumper sticker that announces, “I Aim for Runners.” Let’s outsmart them.

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