Hats and Gum

In this sweltering summer I wouldn’t dare to ask anyone to take off their hat and spit out their gum. Hats act as sun shields and gum can be a gooey mess once it is removed from the chewer’s mouth and disgarded, hopefully not on the sidewalk. If you haven’t figured out where this is leading, you probably don’t know me. Those who do know me are probably tired of hearing about my long-awaited (in some circles) teaching memoir, Take Off Your Hat and Spit Out Your Gum. Fortunately for me, it has been receiving some favorable press as I shamelessly hawk it to everyone I meet.

I have two definite book signing events in the fall, a couple of others pending and one creative writing class for seniors (senior citizens, that is) in which I have been invited to teach for a day. Of course the instructor will encourage his class to purchase copies of the book. (A stick of sugar-free gum to go along with their signed copy should sweeten the deal.) The class meets at the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Senior Center, located in the Citicorp building on Manhattan’s east side. Lenox Hill offers some fabulous programs and services. My own mother is a member and she attends mainly music appreciation lectures, jazz concerts and a weekly class on memory enhancement. Unfortunately the memory class is on a summer hiatus. The instructor is a charismatic gentleman named Vinny. He will return in September; I hope the members don’t forget to show up.

On September 21, I am slated to hold a book signing event at Book Revue in Huntington, Long Island from 7-9 p.m. The management at Book Revue suggested that I ask those who plan to attend to hold off on buying the book until that evening – unless of course, you already have one. They are understandably discouraging me from signing previously purchased books. However, there are always exceptions. One way you might want to get a copy is to call  Book Revue (Tel. # 631-271-1442) and ask them to reserve a copy. It will be available at the store beginning September 1 and of course at the book signing event. Keep the receipt and I will sign your book the night of.

Until then, have a happy, safe, productive, and relaxing  summer.

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