What do George W. Bush and I have in common? Not much except that we both had surgery on the same day, mine however, was of the elective kind. My distance vision has been failing for a while now, so cataract surgery was on the horizon (which, alas,  I could no longer see.) Yesterday I had cataracts removed from the left eye with an implantation of an intraocular lens as a bonus.  Can’t wait to see the results! I’m on no meds but the colorful hallucinations through the bandages are spectacular. It’s like having a built-in kaleidoscope. In the meantime, I’ve been forced to sit still – a Herculean task for me. So what have I been doing? All my favorite sedentary activities: reading and writing and even watching a little television (which is really not a favorite thing – except for tennis matches or golf tourneys.) But I watched “Morning Joe” all the way up to 9 o’clock when it goes off. I’m usually out by that hour. I then watched a DVR recording of last night’s delightful Jay Leno interview with the POTUS and I’m looking forward to a film that was sold out at the Tribeca Filmfest a couple of years ago: Julie Delpy’s ” Two Days in New York,” which we also taped last night. All this inactivity – how long will I be able to take it? I should know later today when the bandages and stitches are removed.

                                        The Operation

Caveat: Rated PG and not gory. I was fully conscious and awake throughout, so I offer this eye-lesswitness account:

Prior to going into the OR, I met the anaesthesiologist, a bit of a kibbitzer (but not in the OR. No, it was strictly business and that included the four OR nurses and of course, my opthalmological surgeon.) Dr. K., the anaesthesiologist, asked me the routine questions and capped it with, “What type of music do you like?” I told him, “Classic rock, but not Led Zeppelin. And I love Van Morrison.” He high-fived me and left.

A few minutes, and 15 eye drops later, this hazel-eyed girl was wheeled into the OR to the sound of “Brown-Eyed Girl” and an hour and fifteen minutes later, it was a fait accompli. The doctor, an old pro, is to be commended. It’s a rare person that can get me to stop talking. I must’ve been a little giddy (surely nervous energy) upon arrival because he said, “Melinda, please stop talking.” Dr. K. had told me earlier that the music would be in the background and not cranked up because it might tempt me to move. “The slightest movement is like an earthquake to us.” An interesting way of making his point.

In the recovery room, my doctor and I had a discussion about drinking alcohol and how my social drinking affected my clotting factor. I hadn’t been warned not to imbibe prior to the surgery. There’s no problem now, but why tempt fate? I decided on the spot to become a very casual weekend drinker. So please don’t invite me out for a drink during the week. I’ll be home reading, writing and watching television.

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4 Responses to MELEVISION

  1. Barb says:

    Wow – glad I paid attention to the prompt I got from Facebook! I’ve been so busy these last few days. Great report on the cataract surgery. It’s in my future, too. Keep us posted!!! And enjoy the down time! It can be very nice!!!! Miss you! Lots of love, Barb

  2. stan beinstein says:

    mel…It sounds like your re coup is going well.. put on Pink Floyd and enjoy the colors…. Two Days in New York is fabulous….. I am an instant Julie Delpy fan.. ( have to get her relationship trilogy..I haven’t seen any of them ).. the film gets slow in the middle.. but the last 20 minutes are absolutely terrific.. listen to Tommy…see me…see me….see me’
    see me… love stanley

  3. Melinda says:

    Sadly the colors are fading and have resolved into black and blue on the surface of my eye. No longer the psychedelic inner visions. Meant to watch “Two Days in NY” today but tennis was on ESPN and that took precedence. I saw “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset” about 3 times. I think I saw them alone when they were first released and then when I heard about “Before Midnight,” I held a little screening for a couple of friends to prep them for the third installation. I also viewed all 3 with Kenny.Jay Linklater’s scripts lent themselves to the great chemistry between Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy and I think Pam would enjoy them as well. Hope to “see” you soon. Actually I hope to see anything soon.

  4. Melinda says:

    Hi barb,
    Black ‘n’ blue ‘R’ Us. I think the swelling takes about a week to go away- at least in this case. Enjoying the down time. Really, I never just lounge around the house, but it’s been fun for the past day and a half.
    Love, Mel

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