Weekends Are Made For…Everything

“Weekend” – what a lovely concept after a work week. And I’ve been fortunate to have two spectacular weekends back to back! Most people look forward to some down time,  but last weekend  proved to be the most action-packed in my recent memory. It began with lunch with two good friends and former colleagues from Richmond Hill High School, followed by a visit to the Noguchi Museum on Friday afternoon.  Housed for twenty-five years in an industrial space in Long Island City, this was my first visit. The museum features room after room of free standing stone and marble biopmorphic sculptures. Whenever my friend Sande and I go to a museum we play this little game where we must decide on one favorite artwork in each gallery (or room.) Although I was alone this trip, if I had to choose a favorite piece it would have to be “Green Essence,” formed from green serpentine marble and wrapped around a sheet of aluminum.  Really very striking. The Noguchi is well worth a trip if you have an hour or so to spare. I then headed into the city to celebrate my mom’s birthday with my family at a French restaurant on the Upper East Side. (She is 89 and thriving!) Saturday was a gorgeous day and our friends Diane and Glenn came down to join us at the beach. Afterwards we played two sets of doubles tennis and went  out to dinner. On Sunday, I first went for a run and later played 9 holes of golf with Kenny at Peninsula Golf Club in Massapequa. We thought it was a really well-maintained (and forgiving) golf course. The yardage on the holes was longer than we’re used to, so we got to use most  of our clubs. We vowed to play that course again soon. After an afternoon of golf with temperatures in the 90s, we showered and went for cocktails at our friend’s new digs followed by dinner at Besito in Huntington. Tomorrow (Monday) is back to my short and sweet job with the Dept. of Education.

Weekend # 2: This past weekend began with an early evening visit to the golf range. Hit 70 balls and I’d like to think that the majority of them were good shots. (Who am I kidding?) On Saturday we went up to our friend Stanley’s surprise 60th birthday bash. All the usual suspects attended and a welcome surprise appearance by Jimmy from Kentucky and 31 year-old daughter Courtney (who I haven’t seen since she was a toddler.) It was a great party. Happy Birthday Stan! We drove home late Saturday night and played golf at – you guessed it- Peninsula Golf Club, this time with Ellen. (Please see yesterday’s “golf” blog for a few more details.) And today, Labor Day, Kenny and I went to Robert Moses beach and walked to Kismet on Fire Island. We managed to stretch our walk to a little over an hour each way – past the nude beach.  Careful not to stare, we concentrated on watching a piping plover forage for food at the edge of the surf. Had lunch at the Inn at Kismet and then ventured back to our car a few miles down the beach. In case we had a spare moment, both weekends were framed by Grand Slam tennis matches on TV practically 24/7. The heat is on in this  second week of the U.S, Open.

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