Golf – Season Two

With the promise of spring, yes, we’ve come back for more. Kenny and I hit the driving range this afternoon and upon arrival, we found every slot occupied with men- all men- swinging madly away. (I’m telling you, ladies, the driving range is a great place to meet men.) Methodically playing each club in the bag, we were waiting for it to all come back to us. All? We never had a game, so there’s nothing to come back to – except for our pro once he returns from La Qunta in Palm Springs. Here’s the report card for today: Out of 90 balls in my bucket, I made contact with 88. Don’t ask me to elaborate on the quality of those 88 shots. When I was finished, Kenny still had 15 balls left to hit. It’s not hard to tell who’s the impetuous one here. He said he was taking his time – which is absolutely the right thing to do. I shared with him, “It’s more realistic to take time between shots since on a golf course you usually have about three minutes between shots – or, realitically, in our case, sometimes three seconds.“All the more reason for us to have lofty goals for season two.

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