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Is it possible to have taught high school English in New York City for 33 ½ years and still have the laughter ringing in your ears and the hair still on your head? This upbeat account, including never-before-published outtakes and bloopers, whisks you through the main entrances, into the classrooms, offices and back stairways of two overcrowded high schools, picking up where Up the Down Staircase left off. In “Take Off Your Hat and Spit Out Your Gum – A Teacher’s Memoir,” Melinda invites you to join her along the course of her marathon teaching run. Her stories aim to inspire the profession’s newcomers and at the same time, cheer up those who are still beating their heads against the blackboard.

So who is Melinda Ehrlich? Veteran educator? Avid marathon runner? Aspiring author? Any of these are accurate descriptions, but to try and fit her solely into one category would only scratch the surface. The content contained in this website will help you discover that Melinda is a passionate and dedicated individual who sees the humor and goodness in all that life presents. As an English teacher in New York City, Melinda has made a positive impact on hundreds of students’ lives over the course of 33 and a half years. In return, these students have provided the fodder and the warm memories that are recorded in her upcoming memoir.

As a committed runner, Melinda Ehrlich has completed 15 marathons (11 of them in NYC), demonstrating the importance of goals and hard work. It is this combination of dedication, passion, and humor that makes Melinda Ehrlich such an engaging and unusual personality.