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Was “Superman” Worth Waiting For?

Allow me to join the fray by weighing in on this hot-button documentary. Fact: Most poor children are left behind. Just as money begets money, parents who went to good schools beget children who attend the better schools. But that … Continue reading

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“Bonuses” at the Board (aka the DOE)

I’ve never blogged about the “rubber rooms,” but I feel compelled to comment on today’s front page article in the Times which reports that progress is slow in Bloomberg’s goal to rid school’s of bad teachers. I’m not a Bloomberg/Klein fan … Continue reading

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A Letter to the Times Op-Ed

     Yesterday Kenny alerted me to Bob Herbert’s column on the Times Op-Ed page before I  even opened the paper. He said, “You should blog about this.” Instead of blogging right away, I sent a letter to the editor as I’ve done … Continue reading

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